Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Showers on Us in April

We started the month off with the Basketball sports awards dinner. We had a wonderful evening after a season of ups and downs! 

After months of no snow we get a small storm that finally shut down the schools! Honestly, I missed the missed the snow this year. Some people loved the no snow season, and I say to them move!

The warmer weather started off our lacrosse season sooner! Here is Owen at number 2!

Noah is number 52 this year on the 5/6 team. They both love it so much and I have to admit, it's my favorite sport to watch. 

I love away games because we get to try different places to eat. I love the look on the waiters/waitresses faces when my kids eat healthy. Priceless. 

Our birds are truly enjoying the weather. Owen is dying to show our rooster Wasabi at the fair this year. Personally I think it's a bad idea, but you can't stop Owen.

Noah wants to show a chicken too, but can't pick which one would be the best for him. 

Not only did Owen have band today, but it was picture day. This is the fashionistas outfit.

Most of you following this blog are family so you already know that Owen filmed a plot for a new talk show this Fall! It's called Harry! Harry Connick Jr. is the host and Owen actually made it into the commercial! This is a quick screenshot of the commercial! The show airs in September! I''l keep you posted. Oh, and that's our chicken Ginger.

He loves those animals and they love him.

We ended the month with Noah being sick. The virus lasted a week. He's still playing catch up on schoolwork. 

Ritzy completely took advantage of the situation to snuggle.

This bird has been coming to our window every day and Ritzy has been enjoying the view. 

Owen really helped out with chores while his brother was sick. Although he does plan on charging him interest on cleaning the guinea pig cage twice!

I was able to escape the family for a bit and attend a henna party. If yo ever want to have one let me know! I have a great artist that will come to your home and host an event!

The boys love getting mail! They received these cool t-shirts from Uncle Wally. I wanted a pickled alien, but no luck!

We recently joined the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club and attended our first event. The boys had fun playing with this giant Jenga set!

We can't wait to get our boat here so we can enjoy this view all the time!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our Own March Madness

March always starts off with the best day ever - Owen's birthday! We still can't believe that he's 10!

Grandpa and Grandma Barrett joined us for dinner at one of Owen's favorite Asian restaurants. 

And....in our tradition of never-ending birthdays we visited Nonna for more birthday fun!

Acorn here is contemplating our busy month. Basketball was coming to a close, lacrosse was starting, Noah has been rehearsing for his school play and Owen started taking a Stop Motion Animation class. Insane I tell you!

The boys took advantage of a basketball workshop at Marist college. It was great! They also won 5 prizes during the raffle! Owen was most excited about the cookie platter!

Frank injured himself helping Noah get ready for his first 5K. He's fine now, but I'm glad he finally listened and took time off of work to heal.

Lucky for me that his injury made it easy for me to attend a few events. First stop was Miracles From Heaven with Jennifer Garner.  She was funny, but did say something that did not sit well with me. Funny thing is that it was cut from the YouTube Video of the event so it wasn't just me!

Then I was able to preview Bright Star on Broadway! You can checkout my review HERE. I cried! I love the musical collaboration between Edie Brickell and Steve Martin. 

Noah's school basketball team made it to playoffs. While we didn't win, it was amazing that we placed at all. It was an on the edge of your seat game every time. We are so proud of all of these guys!

Noah ran his first 5K race. Frank was going to run it with him, but couldn't because he was still recovering from his injury. He started it with him, but Noah left him in the dust soon after it began.

He finished the race in 25 minutes and 57 seconds! Not bad for his first race! He was one of the first 10 kids to cross the finish line!

We decided to take a last minute Spring Break trip to Philadelphia! I love traveling with these guys! 

Our first day out we experienced so much! Here we are at the Liberty Bell! We walked so much!

We ended our first day exploring in Chinatown! This will be the third Chinatown the kids have been too! Noah ordered the duck! 

We had a spectacular view of the Ben Franklin bridge from our room! 

We hit the park, the Franklin Institute, the US Mint, Federal Reserve and so much more. 

These are pics of the boys riding the Sky-bike at the Franklin Institute! They were scared at first, but loved it!

I have been dying to get this pic for ages! This statue of Rocky is now at the bottom of the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of art. Many consider it a movie prop and not art so a compromise was made and it was moved. 

Here are my favorite guys in the world sitting at the top of the stairs after their historic run! Check out my Facebook page for a full album from this trip. 

We celebrated Easter a day early this year at Sue's house because Walter had to leave on Easter Sunday to go back out on the road. 

We also celebrated his February birthday since he was away then too! 

On Easter Sunday Owen served mass. He was so thrilled to have this honor. We spent a quiet day at home and had a vegetarian meal to celebrate. 

See you next month!

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Sort of Calm Start to 2016

The new year started off quite calm. We have been very busy with basketball and games every weekend.

The boys tried taking the pigs out for a walk, but they seemed a bit startled. I think they will enjoy being able to be outdoors once the weather is nice. 

We've been keeping bust with family movie nights, game nights and just messing around. I still wish we would have some snow this Winter so we could have been snowed in together! 

Kung Fu Panda 3 was finally released so I could finally share my interview and photo with Lucy Liu. You can visit my blog and read all about it HERE

Ritzy has been acting a bit more like one of the family lately. He likes sitting with the boys when they eat and do homework. When it gets warmer we will have to have him shaved again. His back is matted again because he's too fat to clean himself there!

These chickens are just plain old trouble! Our newest bird Leo has shown the rest of the chickens that dusting in my porch planters is a great idea. I had to put buckets in there to stop them!

School is going well for the boys. Noah really loves it so he's all set to go next year. Owen will be returning to public school. He loves the teachers and the academics, but with there being only 2 boys in his class he finds himself lacking in the social department. 

These guys made the Honor Roll again for second quarter! 

Owen however missed the class on putting his hands out in front of him when he falls! Thankfully I was at the school when his "friend" pushed him and he fell. This is after 3 ice packs! 

That same day we were rear-ended pulling into our driveway! Thankfully we were all okay. The neighbors were awesome and my friend stopped as she was driving by and gave us a hand. It took about a month to get fixed and a week after I got her back I was rear-ended again! This time at a stop light! Ugh!

We had a special Valentine's Day family style! The kids and I planned an entire day for Frank. 

Frank ate quite differently before we married. So the kids and I bought a few of his childhood food memories! It was actually funny when we gave him Pop Tarts for breakfast and Corned Beef Hash from a can the next day. He also enjoyed Chicken Chow Mein from a can, Rice a Roni and spaghetti with Ragu! The kids were a little grossed out, but Frank had a good laugh about it. I don't think he'll be complaining about food any time soon.

Frank and the kids made the "real" dinner! A blooming Onion, heart shaped ravioli, and lobster. Frank and Noah hid the lobsters from Owen in the washing machine till dinner. Yes, it was a little creepy. 

My little guy Owen bought these for me for Valentines! He picked them out online, gave Frank money so that he could order them. He's such a little romantic!

We did go through a cold spell and our pipes frozen in the kitchen.  After trying all the tricks Frank had to cut open the cabinet floor to get to the pipes. Thankfully we didn't experience any burst pipes!

The boys have started to enjoy playing Scrabble, but Ritzy is also enjoying it for different reasons. He started off in the box, but I guess  the game board looked more comfortable!

Owen didn't want a party this year so we just had a sleepover with a couple of friends the weekend before his birthday. He's into cats right now so this cat was a big hit! The baker at Hannaford did a great job for my last minute request!

I did have an opportunity to interview actors Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton for their new movie Eddie the Eagle. I can't wait to take the kids to see this movie. It has such a great message! 

More updates for March coming soon, but that about covers January and February!