Monday, October 27, 2008

MY new Bath?

So the weekend ended with my kitchen ceiling on my kitchen floor, Frank had to open it up to move the pipes in the upstairs bath. Uhhhhh! As much as I want this done this is killing me. The house is a dust bowl. Frank totally reworking the bath upstairs. I can't wait. It is such a difficult task to try to get things done with the boys. Noah loves telling Frank where things should be and that things are a mess. I love the mess part! It's been hard for both of us because I need to distract these guys and I'm usually beat by Friday. They also can't wait for their daddy to come home and just want all of his attention- so please think twice before you tell us all the work we need to do! We need to work and spend time with these precious little guys. So if anyone is ever available- even just to play with these guys- please give us a buzz! Did that seem like a desperate plea for help? Oh well. Hopefully I'll have a new bath for Christmas!

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