Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CSA Saturday

This year we joined a local CSA ( community supported agriculture). It has been a great experience for our family. Frank and I had to work 10 hours on the farm for our share. I don't think I ever want to pick basil again! Nor do I think Frank wants to see another scallion! The kids had a blast seeing the baby piggies and chicks grow. Maybe we might try our hand a chickens someday. We really learned how to use the different produce provided to us. We tried many things we've never had before and had many pleasant experiences with it. Next year we will join a different CSA and see what their farm is all about.We have one last week left here and Frank just finished working our hours. He discovered the intertwined carrot while picking- he said it reminded him of me- scary! Then I drove home with Owen and Frank and Noah left by bike.

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