Monday, February 23, 2009

We lost another one!

Yes, we lost another tooth! I don't even want to talk about how big my boy is getting. All I'll say is that it's some racket these kids got going with the Tooth Fairy. Noah's so not interested in money, he only wants surprises. Thank God for the Dollar Store.
Please help our Libraries! The boys worked on coloring pages for the library this week to send to our representatives- The state is planning on cutting funding to library programs. As a mom I know that the library has been a great resource for my family. Story time has been an integral part of our lives since Noah was a baby. We also love to get movies at the library and our favorite kid toons- So please stop by your local library and see what you can do- We just sent out several postcards to help our library- please do the same! It only takes a moment of your time and with things being so hard on everybody these days we NEED to keep these types of programs available to young families!
Owen's birthday is coming up and I'm planning on posting his birth story in a few days so stay tuned!

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Jill said...

You have such a gorgeous family! I can't believe how much they've grown.