Sunday, March 8, 2009

Owen's 3 years Old

Yes- I'm a week late posting this, but once again the perils of parenthood have put things like this on hold.
Last Sunday we had a small party for our little guy. He had a 103 fever only hours before the guests arrived- you would have never known. Nothing that a few presents and some cake can't cure. Owen loves his superheroes and he got plenty of them! We are now entering the world of boy toys, which is making Frank very happy.
Owen is much better now and even went to school this week where they made him a crown and celebrated his birthday with some of my cupcakes!
I can't believe it's been 3 years since the heartache we went through waiting for him to be born. Someday I'll have to post his birth story on here, it's incredible.
In honor of Owen I'll be posting information soon on the March of Dimes we have been participating in every year since Owen's birth. The walk takes place on April 26Th and we have been walking it as a family. Last year we had barely any support so please keep us in mind when thinking about donating to a charity. Every little bit helps! I'll have the in up here as soon as it is ready!
P.S. Thanks to Uncle Wally for the great pictures above!

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