Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Paltz Regatta 2009

Well, I guess you can see how it ended! Every year Frank wants to participate in the Regatta, and it just sneaks up on us. This year he built this little pirate ship for Noah's party and he decided it could float. After 2 failed attempts at the pond by our house he finally thought he got it.
All in all, the crowd loved him and the boys. It was raining and the boys did not want to put their pirate outfits on because they would get wet. ( I don't know where they get that from) Frank rode in the parade with the boys in tow on his bike. Grandma and Grandpa Barrett stayed close in case the boys slipped out. That Owen really worked the crowd, waving and smiling at everyone as he declared " I love peoples!"
So, Frank was the first causality of the race, but he had a great time and so did the boys. We didn't win this year, but maybe next year!

Check out this video Frank is on the right hand side. Click HERE

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