Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Touch a Truck

Well, our lucky streak started with my winning 4 tickets to Touch a Truck! My favorite station Star 93.3 had a call in contest and I won! The boys came with me to the radio station to pick up the tickets. They were very excited.

Touch a Truck is an event were they have different trucks available for the kids to climb into, blow horns and well, just touch. The helicopter was a big hit with these two. They also got behind the wheels of a garbage truck, UPS van, and went through a box maze in a large moving truck. Of course several horns were honked and several bags of candy were given out. Mommy got some free canvas bags.

We ended the day with dragging the kids out of the truck shaped bouncy house and went to have a nice lunch in town. One of Frank's co-workers had given us a gift certificate we had yet to use. So we had a virtually free and fun day-Thanks!

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