Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sesame Place Day 1

Okay, back to business, now that the Owen drama is over. The main point of our vacation was to go to Sesame Place. What a blast! The boys had so much fun! They were so good!

The best part, and probably why it went so well is that Sesame Place offers a special wristband for kids with special needs. We got one for Noah and we were able to line cut every single line! Oh yes, people hated us, but we would have never been able to do this trip without the band. Although Noah is no longer classified in the school system he still has some issues, and this made our trip great!

We watched character shows and the boys loved the nets in the photos. It was tough getting them out. I did not realize what a workout it was until I climbed in to tempt them with rides to get them out.

We brought a cooler with us in order to eat in the picnic area and thank God! It began down pouring by the time we hit the parking lot. Of course we pass someone with a car load of kids and a flat tire and my hero Frank went to work to help. I knew I married him for a reason!

The rain continued, the tire got fixed and lunch was eaten-we headed back to the hotel. That night we went out to eat, I think I signed up for every free birthday meal around so we had free meal coupons! We stopped at a Barnes and Noble were Frank proceeded to tell me go, I'll watch the kids. Then from across the store I hear one of my guys yell-I gotta poop. I see Frank with kid in arms running for the bathroom. When I get to the other boy he starts yelling I gotta poop too! Then I'm running and the whole store is laughing at us.

Exit Barnes and Noble.

We then take them to a pet store where a dog proceeded to poop on the floor- Noah begins gagging.

Exit Pet Store.

Go back to Hotel!

To Be Continued!

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