Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

So, Sunday comes and my boy that the doctor swore was safe from harm comes down with a fever. Today is Tuesday and mom has not slept much. Owen had a 104 temperature last night and vomited twice- that would be vomited twice on me! His diet consists of ginger ale right now and not much else.

The good news: Frank has gotten robo arm removed and is able to drive-( she sighs in relief). He is still not able to lift anything and probably won't be able to until March. Ouch! Thankfully dad was available to drive Frank to the doctor today so we didn't have to take Owen.
The funny thing about kids is that when that fever comes down to about 101 they still want to play! Owen built this with daddy's help. Then he collapsed unto the couch. Talk about resilient!

Wish me luck! Somehow I managed to snag class parent for both kids and have Thanksgiving feasts to plan for next week! Hopefully everyone will be well.

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