Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lost Another One!

Too cute! Poor Noah has been sick since Saturday night, but that didn't keep him from getting excited over losing another tooth. We always welcome a visit from the tooth fairy.

Noah came down with a 104 fever Saturday night. He's been at home since then. Today the doctor confirmed the news that yes, this is the H1N1 flu. He was pleasantly surprised that the rest of our household did not get sick. We all would have gotten it by now, so by some miracle we were spared! Knock on wood. ...

Noah is well on his way to recovery, so far today's high temp is 102.6. He's in good spirits considering, but he misses school.

Frank has gone back to work. he has been taking 2 buses and biking to get there. Some exciting new moves are in the works there as well, I'll report more on that later. He returns to the doctor next Tuesday and hopefully will get cleared to drive.

That's all folks!

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