Monday, December 21, 2009

Countdown Begins!

When I went to upload the photos I realized that I didn't have any photos of the tree decorated- oh well, I'll get those later. The tree we picked was perfect for us. The boys had a blast decorating it.

Noah lost another tooth this weekend. The tooth fairy is becoming quite a regular here at the Barrett house. That's four teeth all together he's lost. Nothing like a dollar from the tooth fairy. Noah puts them right in his wallet.
Santa was very busy making gifts with his elves this weekend. The boys wanted to make some gifts for people this weekend. Luckily, we had stuff on hand.
They hammered and painted. They were very serious about being elves.
Owen of course wanted to keep everything he made. Noah had plans for all his gifts. Mommy is still swamped and trying to catch up from the family being sick all November. The boys have their school parties this week and then off till January. I can't wait to have some time with my little ones.

Hope to see everybody soon!

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