Monday, December 7, 2009

Haircuts and a Crazy Saturday

Does it ever end? The first weekend in December is always a crazy one for us. This Saturday the boys got to build gingerbread houses at Lowes as part of there Build and Grow clinics. The boys missed the last one because Frank and I were sick.

The we went to town to get the boys haircuts- finally! It was so sweet, frank, Noah and Owen all got haircuts and when the boys were done they had a box of presents for the boys to choose. When Frank finished his haircut Owen brought him over to the box and said, "Daddy pick blue or green paper." It was so cute. Frank told him the gifts were just for little guys.

Then we took off for a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese- wow! They had like 8 parties all at once. It was crazy. Noah was concerned about his shoes. The last time we went someone stole Noah's shoes. We had to carry him to the car.
Then we had Frank's work Christmas party, like I said crazy day! Noah is my biggest fan and he was so excited to see me in my dress. He couldn't wait to have his picture taken with us.
We clean up pretty good for a bunch of swine flu, bad back, and post arm surgery patients. It was snowing so hard that night, but we needed to get away so bad. The party was nice and we had a good time.
Frank's boss asked me to start a round of Advance Testing stories, yes they let me have the mic - imagine that! I was good they didn't need to get the hook to get me off.

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