Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Day Recap

Sure, I'm still working on catching up. Well, Noah was not feeling well on Christmas Day. He woke up at night and his eye was crusted shut. He was in a complete panic. When we got his open we finally calmed him down enough to get him back to sleep. So needless to say there was no big rush for the gifts in the morning. When he did wake up his eye was sealed shut again, and it took awhile to get it opened.

I didn't take many pictures that morning. We had a surprise morning stop in of Aunt Jean and Uncle Okey bringing the boys gifts. It was nice that we got to see them before we left for my brother's house. We would have already been gone, but it took awhile to convince Noah to go. he was so upset about his eye.
Noah made it through the day just fine. The distraction of the gifts and family made the day fly. There are just way too many of us-you can't even see the tree!

It was a memorable holiday, glad that it is over. Even the boys were a bit overwhelmed, I know Noah wasn't feeling well when he said, "I don't want anymore presents!" Wow-yes he did. Now off to New Years and Noah's birthday then we can breathe for a bit!

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