Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Noah's B-Day Recap

This is the birthday that last forever. Noah turned 6 on December 30Th and we had a party for him on New Years Day. I say it last forever because we always celebrate on his actual birthday as well as a party. This was a good year. First he got this balloon bouquet delivered to him from his Aunt Sue, Uncle Sal, and cousins Nicky and Ronnie. He was so excited. Believe it or not they are still alive and floating over my dining room table.

Then we got a fish tank from Uncle Wally and we went out and got a couple of fish. Goldbubble and Silvergo. We let Owen get one too which unfortunately went belly up the other day, so back to the pet store this weekend.
Yes, he gets 2 cakes. For just the four of us we got a little ice cream cake to celebrate. Then he got to open lots of other gifts from family members. I can't believe he's 6!

We decided to have a New Years Day Brunch with friends of ours and their children. It worked out great. Noah had his friends and we had ours.
He had a Transformers theme cake and pinata. The kids played games and we sipped Mimosas.

Grandpa and Grandma Barrett stopped by just in time to help Noah assemble some toys he got at his party.

I think the real party started when the kids that were left decided to play dress up. It was so funny. thank you to everyone that came and sent gifts. They were much loved.

I think I'm just about caught up now on the holiday stuff!

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