Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Fun

Yep, Here they are getting ready to get sugared up. The kids loved their Valentines activities and parties at school. We brought them to Lowes and they made this really cool jewelry holder for mom:)

We spent the actual day moving the boys rooms around, Frank thinks I'm sadistic for moving furniture, but I loved it! I'll post photos soon. The boys have moved in together and Noah's room has become a play room. This has actually allowed us to get some sleep at night because they boys comfort themselves.

Then my fantastic husband made me a Lobster dinner! No photos- you remember the Mothers day incident? If not click HERE.

The best part- he bought me a can of Pringles! We've been on a diet and I was craving chips- so this was a big surprise. Yes, I'm easily amused. It's easy when you already have everything you need.

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Debbie said...

One of my sons loves to rearrange his room. He moves his furniture about every two weeks!