Friday, February 26, 2010

A Week in Review-Do You Believe This?!

So this is how it all began. I left for the grocery store on Saturday and I came back to this. Frank on the couch with a heating pad. He claims he doesn't know what happened, but he threw his back out. He can barely walk and is in lots of pain.

Frank stayed home from work on Monday and wasn't able to get in with the Chiropractor till Tuesday. Owen was available for much entertainment that day.
On Tuesday Noah had a 2 hour delay and well, we just kept him home. The road was awful and he was a bit freaked out about being on the bus in bad weather. frank went to the Chiropractor and well, nothing. He went to work on Wednesday- the kids had No School.

p And- he's back home. He went to the doctors, got loaded up on 3 prescription medications and there he lays. We already had gotten hit with snow and momma was out there shoveling.

I thought we'd seen the worst this day. Not so, Friday evening I wake up and we have no power. I'm completely unprepared. I've made a list now so it'll never happen again. The cable box gets ripped off my house and ends up in my driveway which apparently has accumulated about 12-18 more inches. There goes calling the plow guy to help.

I have no appropriate clothes for shoveling. Oh and by the way, my husband long ago had broken our snow shovel so it's me and a regular shovel and about 25+ inches of snow.

Thank God for Neighbors because mine came over with his snow blower and got me out. Yes, that's my car.

Yes, we got snow. It is still snowing- it's Friday night and well, I've had enough. Owen lost his boot in the snow and I had to go out and rescue him.
Frank actually crawled to get the camera to take this picture of me asleep on the chair so I had to publish it. I'm wiped. It's been 4 days, 2 kids , several snow storms and 1 invalid husband- somebody get me to a spa.
Toss those boys back out in the snow.........

Yes, Owen decided to test the snow out with his mouth and liked it!

Then it ends like it started, with Frank waiting for the storm to clear then we're off to the ER. I'll keep you all posted.

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Cheap&Sweet said...

awww Im so sorry for your ruff week!