Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter's Over

I think I'm going to mix it up a bit and go in reverse again. We celebrated Easter Sunday at my sister's house in Mahopac this year. The kids had a good time and enjoyed our annual egg hunt. Nicky and Ronnie decided that they are too old for an egg hunt so my boys got entirely too many eggs- wow! It's like a chocolate explosion over here.
Frank had to work so no real vacation here while the kids were off. We had play dates, spent the night at Nonna's and mommy got in some trampoline time with her boys.

And this is the excitement here at the Barrett's, Frank's back is in pain and every night he's on the floor with his ball. this time the boy's stuffed duck made a nice pillow. He goes for a spinal shot on April13th-let's hope it helps.

Owen's been living large, the life of a rock star/superhero can be hard on anyone especially the mom.

So, if you can't beat them, join them. That's how I keep the peace around here. I have one superhero and another one that wants to be in his pajamas 24/7.

I also experimented with making my own laundry detergent and so far the results have been good. I think I'll just add some essential oils for fragrance, but other than that it works!

The boys also participated in our town egg hunt, which was honestly incredibly disappointing this year. The lack of eggs was ridiculous. We usually do a few hunts, but not this year. Oh well.

The big news from Spring Break- Noah got his own library card! He was so excited to be able to check books out by himself. We love the library. I've been bringing the boys since they were babies so this was a great treat.

We hope everyone had a great holiday and I'll keep you posted about the boys and Frank's back!

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