Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Weekend

Mommy got a new camera so I still have a learning curb here, but here it goes! The boys had such a great weekend with their dad. They toasted marshmallows and had a fire.

Owen is my little mess monster.

Noah is cleaner than a hospital operating room.

They wanted to camp out that night. Mommy said NO I'm too cold, but daddy said sure let's do it! So out with all my boys.

Getting ready to sleep outside was interesting!
The boys just didn't know what to do with themselves, they loved it.
They are such great brothers. We are truly blessed with their joy for life.

So, I said good night to my boys and left them out in the orchard. Which turned out not to be a good idea, at about 5 A.M. mommy was awaken by the tractors spraying the apple trees. For once in my life I was glad that they are incredibly loud. As I ran down the stairs to save my boys from the pesticides my husband was coming in the front door with Owen. I ran out and grabbed Noah. The sprayers were on the other farm, but still - didn't see this one coming.

The boys are all safe and sound and awaiting their next camping trip!

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