Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes, It's Been Awhile!

Well, it all started one Saturday a long time ago. Right after Noah started feeling better, (he was actually out of school for a week) Owen had been sick a few days, well then the mommy went down. The boys were signed up for St' Jude's Hospital Trike a Thon and well mommy had a fever. We all went down to the Rail Trail for the event and honestly i couldn't wait to get home.

Owen was fingerprinted by the police. We figured we might as well get the inevitable over with as a family. Noah had his face painted. then they switched.
It was a bit of a disaster, Noah didn't want to play with his friends and well Owen wanted a bigger bike. Ugh!

We were able to convince Noah to stay for awhile because they were giving all the kids medals. That made him happy! Owen was anxious as ever and ran up there yelling "Here I am!"

For Earth day Noah had to do a project for school, so he planted a tree and did a report on it with pictures. He got an E+ ( which in Kindergarten is an A+) He was thrilled. I was sick. We missed the Walk for the March of Dimes. Thank you to everyone that gave me a donation - they get the money whether I walk or not - so thank you. I was sick for a week and that kind of explains my absence from this blog. When I was better there was so much catching up on.

I had Noah's Mothers Day Author's reading, which was darling. The kids all wrote stories and then read them to their moms. I loved it! Noah's story was all about Texas.

He's really not shy like most people think. He did a great job and I was so proud! Nonna and Owen came with me and then we took our boy home!

The next day I had Owen's mom's day tea. Can you believe how tall he is next to the kids in his class? It was so cute. they sang and then gave all the moms a drawing with a saying about what they like best about mom.

Owen loves his mommy because she gives him dinner and puts good snacks in the snack cabinet! So, funny.

So, you can see we've been on a roll. I had a Moms Night In at my house sponsored by Mamapalooza on Friday night. It was great. Frank spent the night with the boys at his Dad's house and we had some girl time.

I had gift bags for the ladies from all the sponsors and we had a blast going through them. The boys helped their dad on Sunday and gave me a fantastic Mothers Day. I love my guys! So now we are back and I'll keep you posted!


Letherton said...

I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
I have lots of great giveaways going on.
Thanks :)

MageeMommy said...

LOL! Love the pictures and how he wrote he likes that you make him dinner and have good snacks in the snack cabinet. Cute. :)

Visiting and following back from FF. :)


Debbie said...

What cute photos! I am glad to see you back.