Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baltimore Maryland Aquarium

So, give me a break I'm still trying to learn how to use my camera! Reading the manual would help-this week I vow to read the manual. Anyway, we decided to take a trip to Maryland this weekend with the kids. Noah has been so into the states and countries we thought they would get a kick out of it. We left Friday and well, our kids just don't sleep. Five hours and not a nod. Noah was reading all the plates on the cars and telling us where they were from and Owen was playing with his superheros. Noah wanted to know every minute what state we were in, yes, every minute.

Our first stop, the Baltimore National Aquarium. Noah of course had to find a fish to friend like he did last year in Camden. He rushed us through the Aquarium at lightening speed. Personally, I loved the layout of the building, but I did like the Aquarium in Camden,NJ much better.

Owen loved everything! He waits for no one and gets right in the middle of things. On this trip Owen discovered his manhood. When Frank asked him to go into the Ladies room with he he declared, " I'm not a lady I'm a man!" For the rest of the trip I was for once in my life solo in the bathroom. Freedom is good. Hopefully, this won't prove disastrous when I'm on my own.

The jellyfish were the big exhibit. We also got to see a dolphin show. Frank was a bit worried because we got seats in the splash zone. He was right to be worried. We got super wet! I'm glad I had Frank's sweat shirt to cover Noah during the second splash. We were drenched! The boys were good sports.

I'll post more pictures and stories tomorrow! My boys are awesome!

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