Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day at the Baltimore Zoo

I thought this was a picture of Owen, but this is funnier!

Day 2 we hit the hit zoo and boy was it hot! It was like pulling teeth trying to get Noah to take a picture. Owen was ready for anything, but he can be such a boy.I don't get how he can get dirty in a moments notice.Now, they both had the same snack, so how does Noah stay so clean. It's a mystery to me.

The boys got to ride their first camel and that was a big hit. I was going to ride with them, but Frank left his wallet in the car and we only had enough for the boys. I think they had more fun that way!
Oh finally a picture of me.
My little turtle boy!
Time to go home boys. Nice face Owen.

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Uncle Wally said...

This is really cool! I hope you are saving all these so when the boys grow up (both of them and turtle-boy too) they can relive all the fun they had in their youth!