Sunday, June 13, 2010

It All Started With:

A little patch of poison ivy on Noah's arm.

Then it spread, all over his chest, between his fingers, and on his legs. I kept him home from school, (field day) because it was just bad. We got some cream and steroids from the doctor which really helped the spread. I felt bad that he missed field day, but it was worth it. He hadn't slept in days. Noah is awesome! He can smile through the worst!
The boys have been big Scooby Doo fans lately and actually asked for some dry ice to make fog. Frank came through as always.

Ahhh, Saturday, and the first grade piece of watermelon. It must be bigger than the Kindergarten piece!

Of course Owen, needed to step it up, too.

Then, the circus! Yes, Noah sat on my lap the whole time. I think it was a stretch for him, but he was a good sport. He said he loved the clowns. Owen had a great time.

Oh, yes, the fake Noah smile, Yes, mommy, I think I'm having fun.

The happiest Noah was all night was when we spotted a car from Alaska in the parking lot. We have been loving the states and countries alot lately so this was a thrill. Even Owen got into it.

Gotta love my boys!

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MageeBaby said...

so cute! Oh we went through a 3 week bout with a rash on the top of my little boy's feet and finally got some antibiotic cream. We thought it was poison ivy but turns out just eczema that had gotten out of hand. whew! It IS so nice when it started healing up and so he could sleep better!!!