Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Off to the Hard Rock

Owen pooped out on us after awhile and we had to get the stroller. Just the week before he asked me why we still have a stroller because strollers are for babies. I told him it's for when we go to the zoo, it's for him. He was more than happy to use it.

Then it happened, Noah spotted the Hard Rock Cafe. He said, "Hey I have a shirt with that guitar on it from Uncle Wally!" Needless to say we headed there for lunch. Unfortunately, it was not as exciting as Noah thought it would be. We should have known, but he was so excited. Little did he know that rock memorabilia was just not that exciting when you don't know the bands.

Owen's lovely personality was in full bloom after lunch. Noah has been on a map kick and well, all we needed to do was go to the visitors center and get him a few maps. Then daddy saved the day.

What could be more fun than a visit to the local cemetery? For those of you that don't know this, I'm quite fond of visiting the graves of famous people. This is the first time we brought the kids and although I don't think they
actually got it, they thought it was cool.

This was the original site of Edgar Allan Poe's grave. We also got to see the new site, for some reason they this happens alot when your famous. You get moved. This was actually a very historic cemetery and I took tons of photos. Don't worry I won't bore you with my morbid fascination.

We finished out the day at a local playground. Unfortunately, the hotel was working on the pool and we missed out on swim time. Thank goodness for the playground! More Maryland tomorrow!

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