Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At the Nonna's

The boys got to enjoy swimming at their Nonna's house this past week. Noah loves it because he can touch the bottom. He's still scared to swim.
Owen on the other hand discovered his water wings. He swam (with his floaty vest) all around tho the pool. Unfortunately, he was such a pill to the nonna.

The boys cousin Veronica came over after camp to play with the boys. Nonna took us all out for an ice cream and Noah discovered a new flavor - Pistachio!
We walked down to the park and the kids got to call to the ducks and little fishes in the water nearby. We also got to see the fireman's parade.
Then we spent the night at Nonna's. This was mommy's favorite part. They are so perfect- when they are sleeping! Opposites as always!

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