Friday, July 16, 2010

Summertime in Full Swing

Our CSA has come in big time! I spent so much time prepping all my goodies from the farm. It was so exciting and exhausting.

Owen has been creating thing with his K-nex. This is his arm armour. It's very powerful and shoots lasers.
Then my garden began producing! I forgot about the abundance of zucchini. Something managed to get in and take out all my broccoli and swiss chard, but everything else is good.
I couldn't get a good shot, but Noah had a huge lump on head due to a mosquito bite. He then told me I need to close all the windows and he's not going out again. Well, I convinced him otherwise, but it was tough.
These are my latest giveaway wins. I'm still on my lucky streak and am waiting for several more things to come in the mail this week.

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