Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation Bible School

The boys just finished a week at Vacation Bible School. It was a little tough for Owen so they moved him into Noah's group and that seemed to work. I forget he's still a baby.

He loved singing his bible songs on stage. Noah had paint all over his hands and just couldn't get over himself to join his class so we sat together.

My curly boy got a long awaited haircut. Just in time for the heat! He loves it, but he looks like such a big boy. Where did my baby go?
The theme for VBS was Rainforect Adventure. Owen made this cool safari hat. He wanted to play rainforest when he got home.
They also made these cool tie dyed shirts. They were to wear their hats and shirts on the last day, but unfortunately Noah got sick.
He was only sick for 2 days so we got lucky, but the guys missed their show. Next week they have a week of camp at the Childrens Museum. Should be fun!

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