Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekly Update!

So, last week Frank celebrated his 34Th birthday. We had cake with his family on Sunday, but I forgot my camera. The boys and I surprised him with some ice cream cake on Tuesday. Frank has been working in the city at the World Trade Center site so life has been changing for us over here.

The boys had camp at the childrens museum this week. Owen would not perform in the final presentation. They really enjoyed themselves and they will go back for another week in August.

Surprisingly Noah did the songs.
This camp was about space, the planets and constellations. Next month they will have a science camp- crazy concoctions! Sounds like fun.
Here is my latest giveaway win. These are from Enjoy Tea- yum!

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natalee said...

Happy Birthday Frank... Congrats on the giveaway.... You must live close to me if hubbys at wtc site..Im only 15 min away.....