Monday, August 16, 2010

Daddy at Work at the WTC Site

For those of you that don't know Frank has been working on the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center Site, for a month now. We are lucky that he has my brother's apartment in Edgewater, NJ to stay at during the week. The family has been joining him there. I took the boys to see their dad at work last week.

We started our trip on the ferry and the boys loved it. They had been before, but I know Owen forgot. After we got off the ferry we waited for a bus to take us downtown. Noah thought we missed it and said, "Oh my, I think we need to get a taxi!" I assured him that unless he had his own wallet we would be waiting for the bus. We waited for about 20 minutes on the bus with no air conditioning. Noah drank an entire bottle of water. By the time we got to Frank he had to pee. Can it ever be easy?
After Frank took him we went up to the site where he's been working, it's so busy. Tons of people coming to see what was and what is going on. Frank is working in the Freedom Tower.
The elevator goes up to 26 floors I believe and they are working at 32. (my numbers might be a bit off, but I don't want to call him at work now!)

I took these from the World Financial Center because Frank is not allowed to take photos at the site. So this is as close as we can get.  
It's hard to tell you where the footprints are and where the memorial will be in these photos, but here is the site. We miss Frank, but it's such a great opportunity for him to be working on this project.
The boys loved being in the city and will share with you the rest of our adventures.

We ate lunch outside with Frank and thenbtookn off for our walk to Chinatown! I'll fill you in on the next post! Noah is quite the trooper. And the drum roll please.....
My latest giveaway win! Love all these books I keep getting! I'll keep you posted.


Debbie said...

That must be an incredible feeling to be part of building that. I can't imagine the emotions that must surge around that area.

Shairbearg said...

WOW that is very cool! Thanks for sharing.

As soon as I read your post that you came from Ten Talents, and that you are a Mom of a boy with speech delays I came over and became a GFC follower! We have to stick together LOL! I like to hear others experiences with it.