Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oops- Summers End!

So, first of all let me apologize for the last post. I must have pushed post instead of save and you all got the unedited version with my awful spelling. Oops! The boys finished up another week of camp at the Children's Museum. This one was called "Crazy Concoctions".
The boys made slime and volcano's. They even erupted them!
As you can see from Noah's bag he's been trying to write Chinese! He's so funny!
Oh- momma won another giveaway! How can you go wrong with beauty secrets from Babushka!
I also bought this fun tube to help Noah with sensory issues. Not bad for $7.50 right?
Owen is so light he was flopping around all over the place. It was so much fun.
Oh- and I won one more! I better get reading. We are in Jersey now and are gonna rock the city tomorrow! King Tut here we come!

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Marissa said...

found your blog while blog hopping, very cute :) Ok, that zucchini you're growing looks delicious! YUM! We did tomatoes this year and haven't attempted anything else. Your kids are cute and that volcano activity looks like fun, even for me! Have a great day!