Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catching Up with the Barretts Part 2

 Feeling more like himself, Noah is back to trying international cuisine. I found this sombrero for him so we decided to snack on some chips and salsa.
 Being a bit more adventurous we took the boys to a Peruvian restaurant. Noah loved it.
 Owen played it safe and had french fries and sliced hot dogs. Well, he is 4 after all.

 We've been getting ready for Halloween here and some old costumes got pulled out. Owen still loves dressing up all the time.
 Beautiful huh? I got a severe tooth infection that caused my face to swell. This is after they put a drain in and believe it or not looks so much better. I have been on antibiotics and painkillers all week. I need a root canal, but the infection needs to clear. They told me this was a freak thing- oh surprise!
 Frank took good care of the boys over the weekend and kept them busy with pumpkins, etc. He also made wine.
Gotta get those seeds! The boys were great at letting me rest. By Friday, I had a fever, but the rest helped and by Monday I was up and running. Well, kind of. Thanks to my mom, Frank and Jim I was able to rest. Off to the dentist again- I'll keep you all posted.


The White Whimsies said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I am returning the favor :)

Jill Guntur said...

My Goodness.
I'm glad Noah is feeling better. You're more than a trooper, Milena, you're a wonder!
I am sorry about your tooth but not surprised that if it is a "freak" thing that no one else can catch.... well, you do have that special gift. (Mine is more toward doing something so stupid only I could do it....)
Yea to the Mom who addresses her children's needs individually. I love what Owen made!

April said...

Your boys are adorable! I had to have a root canal while I was pregnant - all because of a tooth I almost knocked out when I was little!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!