Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Barrett's Chinese New Year

 Wow, it's been awhile-again! I'll get everyone caught up in reverse like I did last time. My other blog has been keeping me busy so I've let this slide. Here is the first of many updates.

This past week we celebrated Chinese New Year. the boys and I made some masks and other coloring crafts during the day. Frank, desperate to outdo me, actually went to Chinatown and bought the boys these great dragon puppets. He also bought some dried squid which Noah enjoyed, but it stunk up my house. Frank actually ate some on the train and had to change cars because people were complaining of the fish smell-LOL!

Frank also brought home these giant confetti poppers. Not a good idea, the mess was unreal, but the kids had a blast. We each shot one up the stairs. Frank figured it would safe since it's the only area not painted yet and high enough.

 The glitter actually stuck to my walls. Oh yes, this was fun to clean!
 The party was going in full swing, until in the excitement Owen took a spill on some of the glittery confetti and hit his ear on the marble end table in the hall.
 Poor guy! The thing swelled and up and I spent the rest of the night holding him with a bag of frozen soybeans pressed to his ear! The next day he reenacted his fall so he obviously was not traumatized by it.

I'll try to get a little back tracking done this week so you can see what we've been up to here.

Thanks for reading!

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