Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

 It just gets more exciting as the years go on doesn't it? Hahaha. We told the boys that we would let them stay up till Midnight this year. So, we had our own little private party.
 It included lots of dancing-on the Wii of course. The boys have really been loving Just Dance 2. Frank decided to get in on the action, but I thought I'd spare him the embarrassment not include any of those pics!
 Owen broke down around 10 and Noah actually made it to 11:30. Frank and I, well, let's say I set the timer on the stove to let us know when it was midnight. I fell asleep too-oops. Frank says he didn't, but I can't tell. Oh well! We had out toast and carried the boys to bed.

Almost done catching up!

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