Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's New?

 Well, my sister just had a henna party. This is a pic of my hand. I needed(Ganesha) the remover of obstacles in my life for a few weeks! I hope this helps.

 They won't let me cut the spaghetti anymore. It's messy, but so is life right! Gotta love the cowboy hat! Owen really knows how to live.
 Noah loves being part of the "Top Secret Explorers Club" We get a guide book each month from a different country and a puzzle book. We use the books together to solve the crime. He loves it. It has to be the best money we spend every month.
 Owen had his face painted at his school's Valentines Day party. The kids had fun exchanging card and eating sweets with their friends. The sweetest- Owen wanted to go out and buy me "some girl things" for valentines. Too cute!

My diet has had to change because of issues I've been having, but it's all good. I miss my pasta and cheese, but I love making better meals for the boys.

The biggest compliment I got was when Owen and Frank said they would wash the dinner dishes! Our microwave broke and well, we are still in discussion on whether or not to buy a new one. They really aren't good for you, but they are convenient. What to do? For now I have more pots and pans. I thought it was sweet when I captured a true father and son moment when Owen told Frank "Washing dishes is hard!" and Frank said, " That's part of being a man, doing the hard work and giving mommy a break" LOL. Love my 3 guys!

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