Monday, March 14, 2011

Owen Turns 5 : Where does the time go?

I think it took us a whole week to celebrate Owen turning 5. This kid really knows how to stretch a party out. First we baked cupcakes to take to school to share with out friends.
Owen requested Pizza for his birthday dinner and ice cream cake. Noah was happy to help his baby brother celebrate. I can never get away with having just one cake.
A few days later we were expecting about 21 kids at Owens party. We had our first "non" house party at the bouncey place/gymnastics place.

The kids had so much fun and I could never have hosted all those people in our house. That is the trouble with having Winter babies.
The gymnastics area was great. I had a horrible time taking pictures with my crappy camera. They had a zip line, trampoline and bungee swing. Watching the kids in this big foam pit was hysterical, a parent had to jump in and get his daughter out and then could barely get out himself.

Yes, it's another cake! Iron Man was the big theme this year. The kids had the usual birthday fair of pizza and cake.

Then we get home and it's like a toy store exploded on my kitchen table! Thank you so much everyone for all the goodies- Owen was in heaven! 

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