Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picture Day

 Last week was a crazy week, Noah had 2 half days and I kept him home an extra day for Owen's school picture day. They take the best school pics! To celebrate I bought the guys Indian food for lunch-they both love it. Yes, even Owen! The boys are growing so fast that I have to take some time this weekend to go through all their clothes. Owen is actually in a size 6 pant now!
 I let them pick their own outfits and they never disappoint. Owen loves wearing a tie. He says it makes him feel like a big boy! I also had to move him to a size 7 shirt because of the sleeves. I think he has Uncle Wally disease and has super long arms.
Well, what can I say about Noah! Handsome as always. He opted for no tie and enjoyed the fact that he was wearing his cousin Nicky's shirt. Noah also wanted to wear jeans which is a really big deal for us because he has avoided them for years because of his sensory issues. Even his teachers were surprised and happy that he is growing up and moving on. I can't wait to get these pictures back!

Everything else is good here in general. Owen was a bit sick last week, but he made it. Frank has been working weekends on again off again. I have been volunteering the hell out of myself at school. We can't wait for Spring Break. We are planning a trip to Washington D.C. for a few days and then Easter here at the house.

We'll keep you posted!

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