Monday, May 9, 2011

Barrett's in D.C.- The End

 Yes, the photo expo of our trip is almost over. After 2 nights of not being able to use the hotel pool we finally had our chance. This is also something that always happens to us when we are on vacation, the pool is always closed.

Yes, they are hanging on daddy for dear life- I have to try to get them back to swimming lessons this Summer. Noah had a scare at swimming lessons and that was it. So, of course Owen wouldn't go either.

Before we went home, we stopped at the National Zoo. Crazy, crazy packed-no parking. Frank dropped us off and went in search on some off site parking- ridiculous.

 Half the animals were hiding or asleep- very exciting. Yes, we got to see a sleeping panda bear, now my life is complete. It was so hot!!!!!

And sooooooo crowded! I was feeling claustrophobic outside. Owen wanted to go into the reptile house, but there was a line of course!

Well, we did our super quick tour and headed home! Nice trip, but as always so happy to be home! The boys put alot of miles on their shoes!

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