Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Barrett's in D.C. Part 1

 Well, we wanted to take a quick vacation and show the boys lots of sites so we headed to Washington D.C. this Spring Break. I was sick the entire night before we left so the car ride was rough for me, but the boys were great. Frank got chatty with the doorman and we got half price tickets to take a tour bus for 2 days around D.C.
 It was great for the kids. They got to see everything and we could just get off and on when we wanted. the weather was perfect, even when it rained a little. I learned the important lesson of holding onto Owen when we have no seatbelts on a open top bus. We stopped short and my little guy hit his forehead on the seat in front of us. He didn't cry, but it was a bit scary for the mommy.
 It was as if a book had come to life for them. They actually got see all these things in person.

 So, where is the reflecting pool you might ask? I said the same thing myself-well, it's under construction. Frank and I just laughed. I guess I should have researched the trip a bit more! It was a tough one explaining to the kids. Owen chalked it up as, "It's broken." Maybe that's why he looks so pissed in the above picture!

 Explaining the Korean war Memorial was, yep a tough one. I think we did a good job explaining on a little kid level, but I'm sure it mostly went over their heads.
 Another part of the trip I didn't research was when all the books advise you not to go during Spring Break- OOPS. The Vietnam Memorial was a bit crowded for Noah, but we made it. I don't think Owen has ever walked so much in his life!
We actually stayed at a very nice hotel and when got back the kids had 2 big lollipops waiting in the room for them. They also got crayons and coloring books at check in-sweet! Except I could kill them for those pops!- Do you want to know when they finally fell asleep?

Too much to tell you- I'll do another vacation post!

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