Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Barrett's in D.C. Part 2

Noah had been dying to go to Chinatown since we arrived, so we grabbed lunch there. I love it when the little guys ask for chopsticks. Owen is always a bit of a challenge, but he tried the sweet and sour chicken and loved it!

I think we are so in the habit of getting take out that we forgot how much food you get in a Chinese restaurant. Noah and I had the leftovers for dinner in the hotel room, while Frank treated Owen to McDonald's that night.

Noah loves his shrimp-any kind so far! He loved being in Chinatown and the decor of the places.

 We also explored the National Aquarium. The boys love the Jellyfish, wherever we go. This is their 3rd aquarium and can't get enough of them. We arrived at the perfect time, no crowds!

 Noah's favorite part of the Aquarium, the maps that tell you where the fish and reptiles comes from. I guess the aquarium really does have it all.

More of the Barrett's trip to come!

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