Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter with the Barrett's

 Well, since I can't do much now with my other blog I can catch up here. The Easter Bunny came to the Barrett's this year with baskets full of gifties for the little guys. The big hit was the bug catcher kits.
 Frank worked on making sure that we had enough wine for everybody- I think he succeeded with his homemade water turned wine dispenser.
 I made all this awesome food and in the frenzy forgot to take pictures! My only regret is that I planned too many stove top items- bad move, but it all worked in the end.

We were wiped out of appetizers and the huge hits for lunch were the fish and top roast. Yes, I actually cooked meat and people liked it.
We rearranged our house to fit 20 of us and made oyr living room into our dining room. I still needed t set up an extra table for the kids!
 Even though it rained we still had our annual egg hunt for the kiddies, they didn't seem to mind the weather.
Owen and his cousin Tom enjoyed some game time with each other. I think Tom liked Owen's game better than his own.

Noah enjoyed some time with his cousin Sam. She couldn't believe how big he actually got.

The evening ended with an overnight stay with Uncle Wally. Noah enjoyed looking at his many photos of his travels. It was a great day and I wish I had more photos of it, but you can only do so much!

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