Monday, June 6, 2011

The Barrett Boys Hit Central Park Zoo NYC

 The boys had last Friday off and we set off to New Jersey to crash at Uncle Wally's pad in Edgewater.

We took a ferry with Uncle Wally into the city and headed to the Central Park Zoo. The boys had been on the ferry before, but really didn't remember much, so this was great!

 We arrived in NY and the boys were ready to take the city. Noah asked for a map of course.

 Maps in hand the boys chose which direction we should head. The scary part is that Noah really CAN read a map and I'm sure would do fine getting to anyplace he needed.

 Thank God the zoo had maps as well, so Noah could direct us to the exhibits. It's always speed racing at the zoo with these 2 guys.

 The Central Park Zoo also has a Childrens Zoo section which can be fun as well. Noah wouldn't sit in the turtle egg because it was yucky.

Owen had fun petting all the animals and then of course we had the animal poop in the  hand incident which I'll spare you. I have a pic of Noah as a little guy sitting on this big spider web . So, mush different as a big guy!

After the zoo we hit FAO Schwartz, and the guys had a blast in Lego Land. They are big Lego and Playmobil fans and we let them pick some toys out.

 Noah was all over the big globe puzzle ball. Uncle Waly of course was quizzing Noah on his knowledge of geography and he was unable to stump the boy genius.

Then it was one last stop at Rockefeller Center. This is where it all began, when Frank proposed to me almost 11 years ago! They were so tired, but they walked so much! We had a great day. Can't wait to go back again with them!

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Uncle Wally said...

Nice post, but I was really looking forward to more detail regarding the animal "poop in hand" incident...