Saturday, June 25, 2011

Noah's End of School Year 2011

 It's official- Noah's going to be a second grader and he's so happy! The first grade performed their end of the year show last Friday and Owen and I got treated to the musical stylings of Highland's First Grade Classes. It was very cute.

 Noah's favorite song was " This Land is Your Land." We got a preview at home and it was so exciting to hear him sing. He's come such a long way.

 After the performance the parents  were invited back to the classroom for juice and cookies. As the class room parent I was treated to a special surprise from the kids. I just received this beautiful picture framed as a gift from Noah's classmates. They were a such a great group and it was my pleasure to be with them throughout the school year.

The excitement didn't end there. We celebrated at the Greek Festival in Poughkeepsie where we were treated by a dance performance that included the boys friend Dimitri and his brother Takis. Noah loved his Gyro and there was not one bit left! Frank was able to join us after his MRI at the hospital.

They also had some carnival rides there and the boys enjoyed the thrills with their friends. Owen was a bit horrified at the front of this mini coaster and I think everyone heard him screaming!

We ended the night with some cotton candy and some very tired little boys!  The week was a success!

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