Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Up with the Barrett's

 I'm always playing catch up on this blog aren't I? Today is the last day of soccer for Owen. He's been playing for the last 6 weeks and wants to go to Soccer camp this Summer.

I'm so glad he's been enjoying it. We are signing him up this weekend for football in the Fall. He really wants to knock people over. LOL! He loves playing with his friends from school and new friends. Noah's friend from school is there with his brother so he has a friend to play with while Owen plays.

 Noah's class had a field trip in town. First stop was the food pantry and the kids all donated food and then decorated bags to give to the families collecting food. This is Noah and his classmate Nate!

We visited the local surveying company and of course Noah loved the maps!

Oh and the town courthouse, hopefully this is the last time we see this place! (but then again we have Owen!)

Noah's class also had a kickball game to send off the student teacher. Owen got to play with the big kids! He also got spoken to by Noah's teacher-ouch!

Noah took a day off school to come to NYC with mommy for a blogger event at Madame Alexander doll company. Noah rode the train to the city for the first time! It was a hit. We got to tour the doll factory, design, sewing, and the doll hospital.

We got to pick our own dolls, clothes, and accessories. Too bad they didn't have boy dolls, but we managed. It was so fun!

Then we were hosted to a "pretend" birthday party in the party room at Alexendar Doll. Noah was treated like a king! We had a great mommy and son day. Hopefully some day we'll get to go to boys event soon!

I'll keep you posted- Have a great weekend!

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