Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Oh, I am so far behind in updates! My mom blog is being re-designed and I've been focusing all my time there. Also the kiddies are home for Summer Vacation so my mind has been elsewhere. So, we started Father's Day off with a blast. Owen composed his own song for Frank and sang it to him that morning.

Not only did he get breakfast in bed, but Noah gave a massage- not bad right? We stayed home this year due to Frank's back problems.

Frank's dad, Jane and Grandma came over for a BBQ, some champagne, and good times with the kids.

I wasn't quite sure about Grandpa on the trampoline, but the kids had a blast.

We had good food, good drinks, and some cigars. 

It was a beautiful day. Of course great grandma was cold- LOL

I'm glad Frank had a nice day to enjoy his boys and his family. 

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