Monday, September 5, 2011

At The Fair


Owen was a scardy cat and wouldn't go on the Ferris wheel, so Noah and I went on our own. He loved it. We could see everything from the top.

This was a view of Frank, Owen and my friend Nancy down below!

 Owen took his turn at the rock climbing wall. Noah and I hit some other rides.

The big slide is always a huge hit with our boys. Thank goodness we don't have to buy tickets because we'd go broke just on this one.

My girlfriend and I had horrible thoughts about how this could be a reality someday- our kids all driving somewhere together. I don't even want to think about it.

This one always scares Owen too, but he just can't resist. 

I know, you'd think Owen would like it faster, but it's Noah that has the need for speed.

Noah got off of this ride with me and couldn't wait to get back on with dad! Owen was not having any of it.

Owen's gig was the bumper cars! He needed help because he couldn't touch the peddles, but he loved it. Noah wanted no part of this one.

We ran into some other friends at the fair as, well- just for your future notes this is a pic if Owen and his dream girl, princess Kira! Look for wedding invites in about 20 years. LOL!

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