Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Football Game

I know, I can't believe that we let Owen sign up for football. His motivation was to knock people down. The kid has spent more time being knocked down than anything else!


It has been a struggle through the practices. At 5 Owen is still very young ( immature) and it has been a difficult adjustment. The older boys picked on him and he didn't quite understand why someone would pick him on.

Mom cried he cried, daddy yelled and well, I guess we are all better people for it. I have to give it to Owen, he keeps going back. We come home crying and we go back for more because he loves the game. I'm learning new lessons everyday.

They played a great first game against New Paltz. I also learned I need to get a telephoto lens in order to get good game shots. I didn't bother posting them here because they are so far away.

The family came and cheered for our little pee wee and I can't wait till the next game. I don't know a thing about football, but that's something I'm also learning everyday.

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