Monday, September 12, 2011

Skipping Ahead: 1st Day of School

    I can't believe it! Our boys are both gone now for a full day of school. Noah started Second Grade and Owen Kindergarten. It happened so fast and right before our eyes. Our boys are growing up.

Of course it was a rainy first day, little did we know that the second day of school would cancelled becauese of the rain. The flooding has been unreal here.


It was so different from when we first sent Noah to school.  Owen was nervous, but ready. I couldn't wait for the freedom. It also helped that Owen has Noah's Kindergarten teacher and that just took any fear away from me because she is just lovely! I knew my pee wee was in good hands.

And off they went...... Frank went to work late that day and we saw them off on their own. This is it right? We try to prepare them the best we can. Then one day, they are on their own. This is just the beginning.

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Uncle Wally said...

You have a good photographic eye! Or should I say eyes?