Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Swim Fun

Yep, still trying to catch up before school starts! We opted not to do camp this Summer because I just wanted to spend some time with my boys before they both go to school full time this Fall. (Yay!)

 I did however sign the boys up for swimming lessons and at the end they have a water carnival were the kids race against each other. The boys had such fun.

 Noah was thrilled when he placed first in his first race. My little guys are not the best swimmers. Noah will not put his face in the water and Owen was doing much better, but still didn't move up.

 At, Owen's first race, he placed third and that would be for cheating! He made it in first, but he cheated. The crowd was hysterical laughing- we were mortified!

 Here is Owen and his bud Ben, who also placed third in his race. We had to of course explain to Owen why he didn't get first, due to his cheating. He promised not to do that again.

 Noah also placed first in his next race with the kick board. This at least let me swindle him into taking lessons this winter at the pool.

Owen didn't cheat is his second race! He was so careful to follow the rules that he came in third again, but he learned a great lessons that day.

Our special little guys! They may not be the best swimmers, but they never gave up. It was all worth it in the end.

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Uncle Wally said...

Owen in the first race impresses me as the kind of guy I would hire to do my taxes!