Friday, October 14, 2011

Barrett's on the Loose!

 Things have been happening here at at the Barrett's! The reviews are pouring in for my mommy blog and the boys got to enjoy some yummy cookies that were Fed-Ex to our house!

They were showered with gifts from Miya, Uncle Wally's friend that just got back from Japan. ( or as Owen likes to call her, "my girlfriend") You've never seen two happier kids.

This mommy was treated to a fabulous event for Destination Maternity at New York's Waldorf Astoria. I was given a private review of the new Spring Fashion Collection and treated to a fabulous lunch and gift bag!

We took the boys to the city for our anniversary weekend. They had so much fun. We spent the night at the Villa Milani in Edgewater and took a bus into Manhattan. Noah brought his camera with him.

We hit the Toys R Us at Ties Square first, so the boys could check out their latest Lego obsession.

 It's just not New York without a pretzel the size of your head and a dirty water dog!

 Then the most awaited destination: The LEGO store at Rockefeller Center. Noah picked out his first Harry Potter Lego set!

They looked like they were getting the rink ready for ice that day. This is were it all started and Frank proposed to me!

Then on Wednesday we attended an awards ceremony for Frank's dad! He was presented with an award for excellence in school board service. Congrats Dad! We are so happy for you.

Now, that's the scoop!

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