Friday, October 7, 2011

Football and Wine 2011

Owen's team had picture day 2 weeks ago. It's such a cool thing to see him be part of a team.

He's grown up so much. He's still my little baby, but he's always been his own person.

Owen's number 1, no really, that's his number. Uncle Wally came to the game so I have some great game photos.

That also means Noah had someone to goof around with, I don't think anyone really knew who won or lost.

The best part: it's always a good game whether the team wins or loses. They played a good game!

It was also the start of wine making. I think Frank went a little overboard with the grapes!

You have to have lots of kids on the barrels shots. Noah was not amused. Too many bees and flies for him to feel comfortable.

We had Nonna, Uncle Wally, Uncle Sal, Aunt Sue, Nick and Ronnie on board for the grape crushing.

Obviously, Sue had some wine back there or she's just happy not to be cranking the grinder.

It was so much work . So glad we had all that help. I haven't seen Uncle Sal move that fast in ages- LOL! Frank said he swears Sal went through about 2000 pounds of grapes-haha. It was alot though!

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