Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blogger Event and WTC Memorial 2011

The Barrrett's hit NYC again! I think these guys are getting to be old pros at riding the subway! This time I brought both boys with me to a blogger event in Harlem. We spent some time at the Madame Alexander Doll factory with Stinky Kids creator Britt Menzies.

The boys each received their own Stinky Kids doll signed by Britt herself, had a story read to them and watch at how Britt creates here character artwork. We then got to have lunch in the party room.

 This was Noah's second time at the doll factory and Owen's first. Both boys enjoyed themselves and so did mommy!

We then hopped on another subway and headed down to see daddy at work. He got us tickets to preview the WTC memorial. We did this on 11-11-11.

 Here is what Frank has been working on- the Freedom Tower- WTC1.

 This is the South Tower memorial pool made from the original footprint of the building. It is surrounded by the names of all those that perished that day.

 This is the survivor tree. It still stands after all the horror that took place at this site. I'm writing a piece about visiting the site on my other blog and I'll share it here when it's complete. It was an emotional visit. You really must go see it. The kids did a lot of walking, but never complained. I hope they remember all these experiences.

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